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2-port and 3-port broadband Push-on adapters up to 2 GHz

POA 01-UPC ... POA 04-UPC

  • All connections broadband 5-2.000 MHz
  • Intermodulation resistant acc. to EN 60728-4
  • Very high screening acc. to Class „A+10 dB“
  • Suitable for mounting onto the TV-port of any kind of antenna outlets (also MMD‘s)
  • Surface coated with CuSn white bronze plating, thereby corrosion resistant
  • Supplied with a protection plastic cap
  • 4 versions with 2-port and 3-port as well as with IEC and F connections available


* POA 01-UPC (Input IEC-female, 2 broadband-outputs IEC-male)
* POA 02-UPC (Input F-quickfix, 2 broadband-outputs F-female)
* POA 03-UPC (Input IEC-female, 3 broadband-outputs IEC-male)
* POA 04-UPC (Input F-quickfix, 3 broadband-outputs F-female)



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