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Hardened EDFAs

Active access technology in harsh environments


An end of linear TV is not in sight in the foreseeable future. In developing and expanding multimedia television networks using the RF overlay technique there is a growing need for Active Ethernet access technologies. It is in some cases inevitable not to restrict the deployment of active access technologies to the hubs, but to also shift them into street cabinets. A very low installation depth, restricted air-conditioning and extreme temperatures make the deployment of conventional EDFAs nearly impossible in this environment.


On the basis of these requirements, braun teleCom GmbH has developed a series of significantly more resistant optical amplifiers, so-called hardened EDFAs. With an operating temperature range of -30°C to + 65°C, they are significantly more resistant to extreme temperatures. In addition, an innovative cooling concept and separately encapsulated components such as the optical pump and printed circuit boards (PCBs) together with dust protection by an air filter at the air inlet ensure extremely low wear and tear due to airborne contaminants.


With an installation depth of only 24 cm (9,45 inches), the hardened EDFAs are ideally suited for use in narrow outdoor cabinets. The 45° angled optical connections require less space on the front and allow smoother guidance of the patch cords in the cabinet. Also, the use of a hardened compact optical pump made it possible to further reduce the installation depth. Since the rear side of street cabinets is often inaccessible, all connections are located on the front side of the hardened EDFAs. Furthermore, a lot of emphasis was placed on minimum port density and low power consumption to make the equipment as economical and dense as possible. For simplified maintenance the two redundant power supplies can easily be replaced during operation.


This product innovation has enabled braun teleCom GmbH to open up a completely new market: Active access technologies in outdoor cabinets.

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