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Project Lucia: An FTTH Benchmark

117.000 residential units will be provided with a PON fiber optic connection within just 39 months.


Known internally as “Project Lucia”, this benchmark project which receives great attention is lead by Pott Kabelservice GmbH, a braun teleCom group company.


The challenge: 150 installations per day, consisting of 1.200 subprojects and collocation points as well as about 5.000 earth cable connections between the buildings.


According to project manager Dieter Kynast everything is set for the successful implementation: “We have established a project organization that is specialized in fiber technology, instead of dealing with it only incidentally. As the lead company, braun teleCom has created a highly specialized workforce. The company centrally manages and plans the project and the construction work will be carried out by 6 specialized, national as well as international partners, with a combined workforce of more than 100 fiber engineers. For this project, we have developed IT and logistics processes specifically designed for FTTH. These effective processes are highly scalable and will therefore also benefit future projects.”

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