Intelligent mix of technologies


The road to the multimedia future comprises an intelligent mix of technologies

Where paved ways were the lifelines of the economy in the past, high-speed networks or information highways are the foundation of a functioning national economy today.

The nationwide development and expansion of multimedia infrastructures will be one of the key challenges in broadband communications over the next few years. Initially, the cable installations of CATV operators consisted entirely of coaxial technology. Today, incrementally and on-demand, cable is supplemented, and increasingly replaced, by glass fiber structures. Installations are consequently migrating to HFC networks (“Hybrid Fiber Coax”), thus enabling the transmission of significantly higher data volumes.

In case of FTTH (“Fiber to the Home”) the glass fiber extends into the separate homes, directly to the subscriber. This transmission technology provides maximum capacities, even though it causes very high costs because it encompasses a complete superstructure of existing infrastructure it will be the technology of the future. On economic grounds alone, glass fiber expansion should not be the sole focus when expanding the multimedia technology landscape. Rather, one should consider and leverage the performance of the different infrastructures.

When it comes to the technical and economical planning and implementation of such expansion and migration concepts based on glass fiber-, coaxial- as well as on twin copper wire-structure, technology-neutral service providers are called for. In this arena, braun teleCom has proven a qualified partner with decades of experience and state-of-the-art technical competence. We see this confirmed by our constantly growing customer base, their trust and satisfaction.

We support you in expanding your networks with our extensive service portfolio, consisting of the following categories:


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