Sophisticated products and solutions
for HFC and FTTx broadband networks.
Innovative product development,
economic and needs-based concepts.
Intelligent solutions –
competitive and future-proof.
Versatile from experience,
innovative from the start.


We are now Netceed!

We are currently in a transition phase in which you will find all the information for the successful continuation of our partnership on our existing communication channels. In the meantime, all colleagues are working hard to set up new channels to provide you with all information about the Netceed companies in one central location in the future, that will replace our current channels step by step.

Information on our expanded and global Netceed portfolio can be found at

Our team

We are here for you.

Bundled competence for your success

Our Team

Tim Strube
Managing Director
Damian Koch
Managing Director
Holger Weinberg
Head of Development & Production Management
Hanno Telgen
Director Product & Project Management
Nico Rybarczyk
Head of Sales Germany
Vincent Robatteux
Director Procurement & Logistics
Alexander Spengler
Head of Customer Service
Janna Winkelmann
Purchasing Manager
Norbert Roth
Purchasing Manager
Christian Kretschmer
Regional Sales
Christian Wollschläger
Technical Sales
Wolfgang Möhle
Project Management
Jan Grüßing
Project Management
Yannick Dürbaum
Project Management
Matthias Meinecke
Technical Support
Hans-Peter Henneberg
Head of EMC laboratory
Melanie Rettstadt
Quality Management EMC laboratory
Carmen Sämmer
Customer Service
Vanessa Melcher
Customer Service
Dominika Skorupka
Customer Service


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