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75,000 residential units installed in Hamburg's FTTH lighthouse project

Construction of the largest German FTTH project in the housing industry in Hamburg began at the end of 2018, in which around 117,000 residential units of the SAGA corporate group will be equipped with a PON fiber optic connection. Since then, Hamburg's fiber optic specialist POTT, part of the BTV Multimedia Group, has been responsible for the planning and implementation of the “Lucia” project on behalf of ImmoMediaNet, a subsidiary of SAGA. In November, a major milestone in the lighthouse project was reached with 75,000 residential units installed.

To implement the large-scale project, POTT developed special IT and logistics processes tailored to FTTH, which enable efficient project progress that is transparent for all project partners. In addition, a dedicated quality management ensures that potential weak points are identified and remedied as early as possible. In addition to its own installers, POTT is currently coordinating nine national and international partner companies with whom around 200 apartments are installed with an FTTH connection every day, and the trend is rising. To celebrate the progress of the project, POTT organized a team building event with all partners in November.

Dieter Kynast, Managing Director of POTT Kabelservice GmbH, is satisfied with the progress of the project: “Lucia is an unprecedented fiber optic project in Germany, to which all project partners are devoting their full attention. The motivation and willingness to learn of the instalation partners, who fully identify with their task, are also unparalleled. We have been able to successfully overcome challenges that we had to face in the context of the corona pandemic, for example, through pronounced partner management and an individually developed, tenant-centered communication concept. Our recipe for success for efficient project implementation is a combination of professional project management, a high degree of digitization, standardized processes and dedicated productivity management. With the help of these modules, we will not only successfully continue 'Lucia' but are also able to implement further FTTH projects of any size due to their high scalability."


About POTT

Since the company was founded in 1961, POTT Kabelservice GmbH has been a strong partner for setting up and maintaining broadband networks. Today the focus is on the planning and implementation of FTTH projects in northern Germany. For this purpose, POTT has a high level of expertise in partner planning as well as workforce and workflow management. Specially developed IT and logistics processes enable HFC and FTTX projects of all sizes to be carried out.

POTT is part of the BTV Multimedia Group, a rapidly growing group of medium-sized companies in the broadband industry under the umbrella of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG). BTV Multimedia bundles the activities of well-known international manufacturers, distributors, and service providers in the broadband communications industry, including, in addition to POTT, ANEDiS, braun teleCom, DKT, Fionis and Holm. This makes the group one of the few full-service providers on the market.

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