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New Head of Sales Germany

With Nico Rybarczyk (42), braun teleCom GmbH receives competent reinforcement: From March 1st, 2020, he will be responsible for the company’s sales activities in Germany. As the management reports, Nico Rybarczyk's growth orientation will have a significant impact on the expansion of business activities and the marketing of the product portfolio in Germany, which has been significantly expanded in recent years.

Previously, Nico Rybarczyk was already responsible for key customers as Head of Customer Service of BKAV GmbH and most recently over 8 years as Head of Sales, Purchasing and the Potsdam branch of Holm GmbH. In both companies, he was furthermore responsible for the production and approval of passive OEM products, distribution and pricing of multi-level sales channels, as well as software integration and interfaces for setting up the online shop systems.

As part of the close and long-term cooperation, as well as belonging to the joint corporate group BTV Multimedia, braun teleCom GmbH and Holm GmbH agree on the change of company with the best of consent.

“With Nico Rybarczyk as Head of Sales, we aim to intensify sales activities and open up new markets. His knowledge of the national customer and market structure will be of enormous benefit“, says Damian Koch, Managing Director of braun teleCom GmbH.


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