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ANGA COM keynotes are now available on demand!

After Digital ANGA COM 2021 a few months ago, we still regularly get extremely positive feedback on the panel contributions from our partners sponsored by braun teleCom. We are therefore pleased to be able to provide you with the recorded presentations by Adrian Wooster (DKT) and Dieter Kynast (POTT Kabelservice) on demand with immediate effect:

Challenges in FTTH project management and project execution for the housing industry (German language)
Dieter Kynast speaks about the special features and challenges of FTTH rollout on behalf of the housing industry. The focus is on customer requirements and individually adapted processes in the areas of project management, installation and tenant communication, which are already used in the largest German FTTH project in the housing industry in Hamburg.

Connecting customers, driving efficiency
Adrian Wooster talks about facing an increasing shortage of skilled workers due to the massively increasing demand for fast connections. FTTH installations in the end customers' home need to be carried out more efficiently. In addition, customer satisfaction during installation is a crucial asset of every network operator. How can the next generation installation be reliable, fast, low-skill-friendly and as minimally invasive as possible?


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