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URBANA TELEUNION Rostock deploys new 2-door WAVEPACE wall box for FTTH rollout

Two exemplary network terminations, each with four cascaded WAVEPACE wall boxes for up to 64 residential units. In the separately lockable right patch area of the boxes, the respective network operator connects the subscribers with their services using short patch cables.

With braun teleCom as a partner, URBANA relies on future-proof network level 3 termination with flexible installation option and open access option


As the largest private cable network operator in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, URBANA TELEUNION Rostock GmbH & Co. KG serves several thousand residential units of various housing associations, both with HFC technology and increasingly with fiber optics. In addition to resource-optimized expansion, the open-access capability of the network level 3 termination is an important requirement here. Under the BTV Multimedia brand WAVEPACE, a wall box for terminating network level 3 was therefore developed within just six months together with the operating partner braun teleCom, in which the splice and patch area are separately and independently accessible as well as lockable.

The new WAVEPACE 2-door wallbox thus enables network level 3 to be terminated in the building with an open access option for 12 or 16 residential units. 4 fibers are installed per residential unit. URBANA uses pre-assembled WAVEPACE outlets with two LC/APC duplex adapters as the apartment termination. A central requirement for the solution was the flexible installation option, which had to be implementable with little space requirement depending on the building, for example under the ceiling, vertically or horizontally and cascadable for MDUs with more than 16 residential units.

Jörg Hertle, Technical Director of URBANA TELEUNION Rostock, is highly satisfied with the system used: "For us, the 2-door WAVEPACE wall box represents a future-proof solution for our network level 3 terminations in buildings. On the one hand, it allows different network operators to use the patch area, and on the other hand, it ensures that the splicing area behind the second locking system is only accessible to URBANA. braun teleCom provides us with the wall box preassembled ready for splicing, which allows us to implement the equipment of the apartments with fiber optic technology quickly and cost-optimized."

"With the new WAVEPACE wall box, we have developed an optimal addition to our existing portfolio of network level 3 terminations, which stands out from previous solutions on the market due to the security provided by the separately lockable splice and patch areas and the associated open access suitability. In particular, its cascadability makes the new wall box a highly scalable and future-proof solution for fiber optic expansion that is perfectly tailored to the needs of network operators, the housing industry and installation companies," says Christian Kretschmer, Regional Sales Manager North/West at braun teleCom, commenting on the addition to the product range.


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